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New Patients at Lion City Chiropractic

As a busy professional, you don’t have time for pain. If you’re looking for a natural way to eliminate nagging aches and pains so you can be more productive, have more energy, enjoy improved focus, and sleep soundly, we invite you to begin care here at Lion City Chiropractic!

When you enter our warm and welcoming clinic, you’ll be met with pleasant background music and a visibly cheerful ambiance. Our office is often described as a happy place, with good energy and a calming atmosphere. We hope you think so, too!

Your First Visit

Your initial visit will last approximately 30 minutes. We’ll invite you to sit down and fill out an online new patient form. You’ll then be escorted into a private room, where one of our doctors will conduct a thorough assessment. This includes

  • A detailed consultation and health history
  • A chiropractic and orthopaedic examination
  • Computerised thermal scan technology
  • X-rays, if necessary (we’ll refer you to a local facility)

During your second visit, your doctor will evaluate your examination and X-ray findings, helping you understand the root of your discomfort. Customised pain relief solutions will be proposed, and an actionable plan will be set in motion to help you achieve your stated goals.

You’ll then have the option to experience your first gentle chiropractic adjustment, designed to alleviate pain and stabilise your spine. If you opt for the adjustment, your chiropractor will explain how we are a structural correction office.

Plan for about 45 minutes for this appointment.

Regular visits will be brief, around 10-15 minutes each. These sessions include pre-adjustment therapies (using a traction unit and wobble cushion) and then the chiropractic adjustment.

Our mission is to help you regain control over your life by minimising pain and enhancing the overall functionality of your nervous system. Our bodies often experience wear and tear due to accidents, sports injuries, poor lifestyle choices, or hectic schedules. Just as our teeth require ongoing brushing and flossing to stay healthy, our spines thrive on regular adjustments.

Get Started Today

Experience the transformative power of chiropractic care in enhancing your lifestyle. Make an appointment at our Paya Lebar clinic today!



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