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Lion City Chiropractic Reviews

heart hands in the sunAt Lion City Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Read through our patient testimonials and learn what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Do drop by

Do drop by for a visit! Dr Hunter is very friendly and I can feel that my posture has really improved in the past year of coming. Always looking forward to my sessions :)

Beth L

Comfortable and effective

The Drs have been great in explaining my condition and also the overall treatment process. Have been learning a lot of what’s wrong, how to correct it, and treatment is also really comfortable and effective!

Reuben G

Lead a better holistic life

Dr. Hunter and Dr. Erin are so good at what they do, and they even take time outside of adjustments to provide advice on how to lead a better holistic life at your fullest!

Issac N

Real progress and improvement

Been going to lionchiro for about a year… Keep coming back cos I see real progress and improvement in spinal health and the difference since one year ago in my posture is very visible. Docs are super professional and helpful. Highly recommended!


Highly recommend

Thank you to Dr Erin and Ryan for the experience I have at Lion city Chiropractic. And even with my Daughter too , we love how the heart warm and genuinely want to take care of our health and be with us in this journey! Highly recommend!

Nhi L

The best chiropractic clinic in Singapore

This is by far the best chiropractic clinic in Singapore! Highly recommended

Elizabeth L

Getting my mobility back

Found and visited Lion City Chiro when I seriously injured my back and Dr Hope was able to provide instant relief – I went from feeling like a cripple to getting my mobility back. Have been going for over 6 months now and have seen constant and steady improvement. Great people doing a great job.

Naz M

Lower back and improved significantly

My lower back has improved significantly and has become more resilient to sitting at a desk. I can do back squats, deadlifts, and burpees like I used to. Everyone is friendly and helpful. We receive quarterly check-ins to talk about our progress and yearly x-ray reviews to visialize our spine’s improvement!

Mehan L

Very professional

Dr Hunter & Dr Hope are very professional . The treatment plan was thorough and customised to cater our needs .
Came in due to having pain on my neck and only able to move minimally. After attending a few sessions , I could feel significant improvements and had more range of motion ! Now I am 4 months in the program and I feel way better than before !
Highly recommend Lion City Chiropractic to everyone!

Nur C

Better quality of life

My 1-year corrective care with Lion City Chiropractic has been very beneficial to me. Their techniques in manual adjustments have helped me to achieve a pain-free life and better quality of life for my day-to-day activities. The team is always easily contactable via WhatsApp and have been very accommodating to re-arrange my adjustment appointments whenever my busy schedule doesn’t let up. I highly recommend them if you have any spinal issues!

Shawn L


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