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Functional Medicine Testing and Consulting

sitting-at-deskIf juggling workplace and family demands leaves you on the brink of burnout, we want to help bring you back to a place of balance and optimal performance. As complex systems, our bodies constantly keep us healthy and balanced. But sometimes, they require a little assistance. That’s where functional medicine testing and consulting at Lion City Chiropractic come in.

Functional health testing is a comprehensive approach to understanding your body’s unique needs. The best part? We offer it for patients of all walks of life, from working mothers to kids and busy dads and everyone in between.

Whether you want to improve your brain-body connection for improved productivity, get better sleep, have more energy, or lose stubborn weight, we can help you achieve your goals. Get started today by booking your appointment.

“I will be working with women to help ‘realign’ their bodies’ internal workings,” said Dr Erin Hope.

Evaluation Through Lab Tests

Our service involves various lab tests that assess the following:

  • Hormone levels
  • Metabolic function
  • Microbiome health
  • Neurological status
  • Toxic burden
  • Genetic testing

Dr Hope believes this service is particularly beneficial for “do-it-all” people dealing with health concerns like hormone imbalances, weight loss challenges, and gastric issues. The results from these tests give us a clear picture of your health status, allowing us to provide personalised recommendations for lifestyle changes and interventions.

What Does the Process Involve?

The first step is a clarity consultation with Dr Hope, preferably virtual, where we delve into your health history and current concerns. Based on this initial consultation, we will recommend the appropriate lab tests.

Once the tests are done, we prepare a detailed report highlighting any deficiencies and areas of concern. We also provide practical, achievable steps for you to prioritise self-care amidst your busy schedule.

Dr Hope is highly educated in helping you achieve better brain health, and she’ll work to identify what symptoms may be associated with your issue to help pinpoint the problem. Sometimes, symptoms associated with poor brain health can be brain fog, trouble losing weight, poor sleep, and hormone imbalances.

Education Is Empowering

We believe in empowering our patients through education. That’s why we offer a digital course and 3- and 6-month coaching programs working one-on-one with Dr Hope. These programs are designed to guide you through the process of making necessary lifestyle changes for optimal health.

Beyond just treating symptoms, our goal is to help you understand how your body works and how you can work with it to achieve your health goals.

Dr Hope Shares Her Story

“Becoming a mother presented a challenge I didn’t fully understand when it came to hormone fluctuations, late nights with a new baby, less sleep, more guilt and stress than ever,” said Dr Hope.

With her first baby, Dr Hope was able to keep it all “together,” but when the second baby arrived, so did complete burnout. “I had no energy left, it was overwhelming and debilitating. I spent the next year diving deep into my complex body to bring it back to balance,” she said. “Through that process, I also was able to lose the additional weight my hormone imbalance was keeping on. Now, I am teaching all my secrets,” added Dr Hope.

Ready to Optimise Your Health?

Your health is our priority. We’re committed to providing thorough and personalised care to help you live your healthiest life. Contact us today to schedule your clarity consultation and start your journey towards optimal wellbeing!


Doctors referenced in content, images and video are chiropractors not medical doctors or dentists.

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