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About Us

Discover Natural Pain Relief

Since 2017, Lion City Chiropractic has stood out in the Paya Lebar and Singapore communities in helping residents to experience rapid pain relief and optimal wellness potential. Chiropractors Dr. Hunter and Dr. Hope love working with people from all walks of life, from family members and office workers to aging seniors and those with chronic pain. Our goal remains constant: to help those we serve to regain their health.

Our Mission and Hope

We’re committed to being instrumental in helping you to take back your health, or to enhance the health you already have. If you’re not feeling well, the key is to seek out and examine the actual cause of what’s keeping you from living your best life.

We want to partner with you in providing research-based solutions that you can count on.

Our Unique Approach

To keep it simple: your spine protects your nervous system, and the nervous system controls everything. Through everyday lifestyle habits (poor posture, accidents and overuse) the human spine tends to misalign; this, in turn, puts pressure on spinal nerves. Once that happens, optimum function in no longer present — and before you know it, you experience the ripple effect of declining health.

Maintaining wellness is the key. Our unique approach to this worthwhile goal is to provide our practice members with the very best in structural and corrective chiropractic care.

Want to Learn More?

We’d be pleased to welcome you to our family-friendly practice. Whether your goal is to improve your athletic performance and maximise your health or eliminate a painful or limiting condition, we may be able to provide you with dynamic help. Contact us today!


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